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Some highlight of favorite eats in #sgv
Some places still have smoking sections…secret ones.
Photo art habit of enjoying florescent lighting rendered.  (at Central Park)
iPhone checkmates.
I wonder when #instagram will have fancy corners like #type55 #polaroid.
Using Irving Penn #filter #vscocam
Excited to see @terriwahl666 is having a #popupfarmstand at her place. Everyone in #eaglerock, #nela, #dtla come by and check out the #farmfresh #summerharvest.  First Pop Up Farm Stand is this Sunday, Sept 14 8am-2pm
#autumn 2
#minolta #tlr
The well stocked kitchen library. #auntieemskitchen #eaglerock #cookbook @tenspeedpress @abramsbooks #prospectparkbooks
#autumn doesn’t arrive fast enough.
2nd Food Styling Article Found Online

Second article this month about food styling.  Restaurants will see an upsurge of food play at the table.

Technology has brought convenience, but also diluting quality. Everybody shoots their meals on the camera phone, good enough for web and soon bridging the gap of the DSLR. For the time being, acceptance of the lower quality images has come into play with professional editorial & advertising shoots. Clients want to capture the current trend; examples shown to me of shots on their iPhone. The classic look down.  Food styling is more lax, naturalistic looking, with the miss conception: stove to set mentality. The stylist understand the proportions required on set. Normal serving dish are like goliaths in camera, leaving no room for composition or copy.

Whenever a food client tells me they want to cut out the food stylist from the budget.  I ask if they can run a commercial kitchen alone and stay in business.